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Tarot Level 3

Practice is truly the key when it comes to mastering Tarot! Get the chance to practice alongside Janine, joining you for exclusive LIVE and Q&A sessions! Use code TAROT3 for 10% off!

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Beyond Mystic Silver Bars

Special limited run - the waiting is over! The Triune Universal Love third silver bar design is finally here.

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Get Access to my Tarot Level 2 course

Unlock the second level of my online Tarot course now! Watch my videos at your own pace and continue your Tarot learning journey with me.

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Tarot Numerology Workshop

Uncover your Soul Essence & Life Mission Tarot Cards, and learn about all 22 Major Arcana Soul Essence & Life Mission meaning

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Psychic Superpowers Workshop

Discover your psychic superpowers and those of your friends and family according to your Moon signs. No Astrology knowledge required!

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Sending Ravens Products

From essential oils to bath & body products - The Sending Ravens handmade creations are made with love and positive intentions to help raise your vibration!


Personalized Birth Charts

Get your own personalized birth chart from Maison Jupiter and learn more about your planet placements at birth.


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Get your own Crystal Pyramid from Ascension Orgonites and protect your energy at home


Crystal Candles

Discover magical handmade Crystal Candles for the 7 chakras on Maison Jupiter